Hi there 👋

I currently work in Product Analytics within the SaaS space. A little bit more about me:

  • I help product and delivery teams understand customer behaviour, existing journeys and test assumptions. This helps drive customer growth, adoption and reduce churn but also ensures we ship the right products and features over time.

  • Deliver analytics through data pipelines, exploration, interpretation and visualisation of data.

  • I’m a subject matter expert for the event streaming of product data and can help teams understand performance of their products through a metrics driven framework.

  • Experienced with conversion optimisation techniques such as A/B testing.

  • I have a performance marketing background and have a growth mindset. I love being in the tech industry, working on challenging problems and building products that customers love.

  • Tools I’m using to get the job done include:

    • SQL (Athena & Snowflake)
    • Airflow
    • dbt
    • git
    • Segment
    • Tableau
    • Google Analytics